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Take a look behind the scenes and see what community ideas and other improvements we are working on, as they are being developed.

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Optimization of the Broadbean interface

Broadbean is partner of Peoplexs and a large, international player in job distribution to (international) media. For some time we have an integration with Broadbean and now, due to the increased demand, the integration has been optimized. Apart from resolving a number of smaller issues, the largest and most asked for improvement is to facilitate the - in Peoplexs already known - vacancy data exchange.to Broadbean.

The data that Broadbean needs to know in order to publish your vacancy is dependent on the channels that you have contracted with Broadbean. Peoplexs has developed an interface now with Broadbean that can request these channels and the fields with Broadbean, specifically for your contract/channels. The interface can create an overview of all the fields that Broadbean requires in order to perform the publication process. The fields can be mapped (or linked so to speak) with the data fields in Peoplexs, which creates a dynamic connection between both the systems.

As soon as you have finished the field mapping (which is one-time job), the result is that Peoplexs can submit just the right data to Broadbean (given the fact it's filled in in Peoplexs). Even with picklist field types, where Broadbean uses it's own set of values (e.g. renumeration scales), Peoplexs can - in most cases - retrieve these values and also present this to the user so it can be linked to a picklist in Peoplexs and map the corresponding values.

As soon as the user publishes to the Broadbean channel and the Broadbean interface opens in the pop-up, it requires only a minimum effort to finish the publication process, due to the fact that most of the data is already there. And because the data is already there, the publication to the selected media is also of a higher quality. In turn, this leads to a higher candidate conversion ratio.

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Closed applicants don’t show up on the managerportal by default

Previously, the vacancy detail page on the managerportal gave a list of candidates who (ever) applied for the vacancy. For example when the vacancy is open for a long time, the list of candidates will also grow longer and therefore the number of closed applicants will also take a larger part out of all the applicants listed.

We have now created the possibility - just as with the overview of vacancies - to filter the list of candidates by showing either the active applicants or the closed applicants. For this, a new hyperlink ('View closed applicants') is given. With the hyperlink 'View applicants' you can return to the view where only active applicants are shown in the candidate list for the vacancy. By default, only the active applicants are shown.

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Storing reminder e-mails in Peoplexs system

Reminder e-mails are a very useful function and can be used to send users an e-mail as a reminder regarding open tasks. Based on predefined criteria (template, workflow status, location, number of days before or after the expiry date) the system will send out all reminder e-mails on a daily basis. Previously these e-mails could not be stored in the system and this was asked for by some of our customers. The solution which is implemented now, is that sent reminder e-mails are stored with the task object. For example: in a particular vacancy workflow, the responsible manager receives a reminder related to the open task to review the draft vacancy text. The reminder e-mail(s) to the contact person(s) will be stored with the concerned vacancy. The e-mail(s) can be looked up afterwards and at all times in the Documents section of the vacancy concerned.

Saving reminder e-mails in the system is a function will you can activate (and deactivate) in the setup of Peoplexs. By default, this function is disabled. Every switch (either switching this function of or off) is logged. With this log, the functional administrator can see from when to when the function is (or was) enabled. The log is accessible by clicking on the 'View log' hyperlink on the same setup page. The log will be displayed in a new browser tab/window.

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Set user accounts for external systems

For more and more integrations it is necessary - in some cases even mandatory - to enter your personal login details for the external system in case you want to make use of the system integrated with Peoplexs. Think of requesting an online assessment (from a specialized assessment supplier) as part of the candidate screening process or the publishing to an external publishing (multi-posting) supplier. Functional administrators could already access this in the setup of the external system, but also users without admin rights can enter personal login details for the external system in the setup of Peoplexs.

When you enter the setup of Peoplexs, you will find a new menu-option below the 'My password' entry, named 'External accounts'. Initially, there's nothing you can do with the External accounts menu-option, unless your functional administrator has set up the integration with the external system. Peoplexs is able to detect this setup and add the name of the external system under the 'External accounts' menu-item. You can click on this item and add your personal login details in the page that appears.

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Changes concerning publishing vacancies from Peoplexs and manager portal

We have implemented a substantial improvement on the Portal tab for Vacancies in the application and for functions available to the manager in the manager portal. These changes make the process of publishing easier and also provides a better overview of the status of the publications per portal.

In the application on the Portal tab for Vacancies, at the top of the screen you can find the fields 'Valid from' and 'Valid until'. The combination of these fields indicates the validity of the vacancy. In order to publish, these fields have now been made mandatory. On the day after the 'Valid until' date, the vacancy automatically expires from the portals where it was published. The general status label which indicates whether a vacancy is or is not published to portals, has been replaced with a status per portal, which is more accurate.The same is done for the datefield 'Date last published'.

Below these date fields, follows the list of portals. Portals are now neatly sorted on portal type, where the grouped portals are displayed as first in the list (every portal type has it's own table). If a portal is part of a group, it is not shown as an individual (vacancy) portal anymore. This is existing functionality, but new to this is the possibility is to enable this in the portal setup, which enables you also to publish to this portal only (without the other portals in the group).

Grouped portals are followed by the vacancy portal and then the 'External channel' portal type. In case your environment does not make use of the 'Part of group' functionality on portals or of the 'External channels', these tables will obviously not be shown. External channels are in fact vacancy portals, but a publication to this portal will send out the advertisement to an external specialized supplier, e.g. Broadbean (as one of our supported multi-posting partners).

Each table shows you the individual portals, thereby showing you the actual status of the vacancy per portal in this table. Also there is the well-known 'Preview' link which opens a new tab/page on which you can see how the vacancy will look combined with the stylesheet for the portal. In case of external channels, you can see the XML preview instead of the HTML preview, yet only if you have admin rights in Peoplexs.

Because there is a 'Status' column now, status information will be completely unlinked from the checkboxes in front of each portal which previously indicated the status of each portal. This is now unrelated, you need to use the checkboxes only to select the portal(s) for publishing or removing.

In case of a supplier portal, in combination with the 'supplier selection' functionality, you can publish a vacancy to a limited (preferred) set of suppliers. The function is still the same and also the status (to which supplier is the vacancy published) is indicated as usual by highlighting the supplier names (who have access) in blue in the listbox where all the suppliers are given.

It is also possible to make a preselection of portals (including the suppliers in case of a supplier portal). In this case, you select the desired portals/suppliers and click on 'Save' in this page of the application, instead of selecting the (Re)publish button. Because of the preselection you will see the checkboxes in front of the selected portals/suppliers, also when you reopen the page. This is a preselection only, the vacancy has not been published due to the preselection. The 'Status' column will also not display a 'published' status. As soon as you publish the portals, the preselection will also get undone. This means that the checkboxes will not appear anymore.

A nice feature is the 'Prices' function. For each vacancyportal you can give a price. As soon as you indicate this (in Setup), you will find a Price column on the Portal tab in Vacancies. With each vacancyportal that you select (via the checkbox), you will see the field 'Total price' summing up the prices of each selected portal. In this way you have insight in - and control over - the total price of the publication.

In case of grouped portals you still have the possibility to select a individual vacancyportal which is also part of the group (the list of portals in the group will be displayed when you hover the mouse over the groupname). In this case, the price of the portal is not counted twice (if you also select the group), but moreover you always publish a portal independent from the group. The grouped portal status only reflects the action (publishing/removing) on the group itself. E.g. the status of a publish event to one of the portals from the group is only reflect with the particular portal.

On the manager portal, publishing has also been changed. It is already possible to have the manager make the preselection of portals/suppliers. By default, this is not enabled in our system. You have to contact our helpdesk and it can be activated for you on request. As said, the manager can make a preselection and save this in the manager portal. The recruiter can see this preselection in the application by means of the checkboxes appearing in front of the selected portals/suppliers. The recruiter is able to change the selection - if considered necessary e.g. based on price - and do the final publishing to the selected portals.

What's new - and also to be requested from our helpdesk - is the option to give the manager the possibility of publishing, without the recruiter needed halfway in between. This gives the manager not only the possibility, but also the responsibility for the costs of publishing and therefore we recommend using the Price functionality.

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Using Peoplexs without the accounts structure

The use of Peoplexs in combination with the manager portal make the use of Accounts - and contact persons linked to this - a must, since managers (contact person) can view the tasks in the manager portal, which was developed specifically for this purpose. Which tasks and vacancies the manager will get to see after logging into the manager portal is dependent on the contact person's account. The vacancies linked to the same account determine the contents of the manager portal for a contact person.

In addition to this, one can also use the 'delegate contact person' or simply 'Delegates'.

This works as follows: you can also link a contact person directly to a vacancy, so not via the correspondig account. This can be done via the 'Add existing contact' button on the Contacts tab of the vacancy. In this way, the contactperson will also gain access to the vacancy and tasks on the manager portal. This functionality is often used to assign somebody else - not working in the same department - as your replacement (delegate), e.g. in case of illness, leave et cetera. In order to make this work, the contact person had to be linked to (at least) one account, otherwise the tasks would not show up on the manager portal. We have resolved this flaw and moreover, we went all the way so that you can use Peoplexs even without setting up and maintaining an Accounts hierarchy at all. You can link contact persons always directly with the vacancy, without an account in between. To add a contact person to a vacancy is added now to the 'Add vacancy' screen.

To be able to add an accounts on this screen will always be a supported option on this screen, because obviously it is up to your choice and situation to keep working with the current accounts structure. Via the button ... to add a contact person, a pop-up screen will open showing you the existing contact person from the database. If you have also selected an account for the (new) vacancy, the list of contact persons is pre filtered by this account. If you want to add a contact person from another account, you can remove the prefilled accountname from the searchbox. If you select a contact person without any account or from another account, this will automatically become a delegate contact person for the (new) vacancy. You'll be able to find this in the overview of contact persons - more on this later. If it turns out the contact person you need is not available in the database, then you can create a new contact person right from the pop-up. In the screen for creating a new contact person it is true that the account you (optionally) select, is the account for the new contact person and is not selected as the account for the vacancy, this account is mentioned in the main 'Add vacancy' screen.

The overview of contact persons on the Contacts tab of the vacancy has been aligned with the regular overview screens in Peoplexs.

Previously, this screen only showed the delegated contact persons for the vacancy. Below the list, there were four radiobuttons, each acting as a specific filter for add contact person to the vacancy. Contact persons from the shared account did not show up in the overview screen. This is now resolved. The new overview screen now shows all contact persons who can work with the vacancy (and tasks). Also, the new 'Relationship' column shows the way how the contact person is related to the vacancy, which is either via the (shared) account or as a delegated contact person (with no or not corresponding account).

Delegated contact persons will also receive notification e-mails sent out by the Peoplexs system as soon as a user chooses to send a notification e-mail from the task update screen. Everyone with the proper location will recieve the notification e-mail, not only 'full users' and managers from the same account, but now also the delegated managers.

Furthermore it's possible now to remove a contact person from the vacancy in an easy way by clicking on the 'Remove contact' hyperlink with the intended contact person. This is only possible for delegated contact persons.

And lastly, you can assign a contact person as the 'main' contact person for the vacancy with just one mouseclick and transfer the 'main' status to another contact person, also with just one mouseclick.

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SHL - assessment tool integration

SHL is among the most comprehensive tools for talent acquisition. SHL is now integrated in Peoplexs. More information about the SHL system is available on http://www.shl.com

To use SHL requires a contract with SHL company and some setup in Peoplexs to activate the connection with SHL and integrate the assessment product into the workflow. (A Peoplexs consultant can help you set this up.)

The SHL results can be integrated into the Candidate workflow, where a module can be connected to a workflow step to give candidates a test automatically. The test results can be used in a condition to automatically determine the next step in the workflow. In fact, you can immediately forward a candidate to the SHL system after filing in an application form as a first step in the workflow by using the new 'External service' option in the workflow setup of Peoplexs, without having the candidate follow the instructions in an e-mail in order to take the SHL assessment.

It is also possible to start an assessment for a candidate manually. For this, go to the overview tab of the candidate where a SHL section will be shown if SHL is configured in your environment. Clicking 'Create' there will cause SHL to create an assessment for the candidate.

When a test is created an email is sent to the candidate, the candidate then clicks on the link in the email and performs the assessment online. The test results are automatically received by Peoplexs and will show up on the overview tab of the candidate including date completed, score etc.

SHL unique feature is the comparison group concept. Same vacancies candidates can be mutually compared by accessing a group report with the vacancy. The group report and the individual report is available in the application and also on the manager portal.

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Websearch in Peoplexs

Searching candidate on social media platforms is nothing new for recruiters. The ability to search social media and find suitable candidates is now integrated in Peoplexs, and called 'Websearch'.

The functionality conveniently allows the recruiter to search platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Xing. Because Websearch is integrated, we can use a vacancy profile as the starting point of a search query. Furthermore, it provides the flexibility to configure the search string based on other vacancy details through the Peoplexs setup – making the search easier.

Also, Websearch always offers the ability to perform a search based on free text and further refine search results with additional keywords.

Additionally, it provides recruiter the ability to save the profile – found via the Websearch – in Peoplexs. All it takes is to fill a short webform and the system will save the candidate in Peoplexs and create – if applicable – a new workflow or transition to a specific status in the new workflow.

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SSO solutions

Our Single Sign-On solutions have been extended with a so-called "Where Are You From" (WAYF) page. This will allow multiple identity providers to be connected with peoplexs. If you want to know more about the possibilities of our SSO technology, ask your account manager for the Peoplexs SSO factsheet.

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Clooks video interviewing integration

We are happy to announce we have completed our integration with the latest version of Clooks video interview solutions. For more information on Clooks, see http://www.clooks.com/

Ask your account manager if you are interested in this functionality. A fact sheet will become available shortly.

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